Vaping Helped me Quit Smoking

Smoking has been my addiction for 30 years; I can smoke a pack a day. I was engulfed by my addiction that I can say that I love cigarettes. Seriously I love them. While everyone else it is trying their best to quit smoking. For me it’s an unstoppable routine, I smoke everywhere. From my home, in my office and even outside and public places even if it is illegal. My addiction to smoking is I could say severe and it is deeply rooted.

My smoking affected my health negatively, my sense of taste went bland and my sense of smell went bland also. I get tired easily even from just walking in few distance. That is when I decide to try to cut my cigarette smoking. And also, I need to find an alternative to my smoking of cigarettes.

One day I tried a puff of my father in laws vape pen he was using while I was attempting to give up cigarettes. First taste and I instantly like it. That was it for me, from then on, I bought my own vape. It was a crafty vape. It was so good, and crafty and I were inseparable.

I found myself reaching out to my vape ever before. I also found a couple of good flavors that compliment my likes (coffee flavor). To enrich myself with more information about vaping and vaporizers, I found a site online This site is so helpful, the site has reviews on the latest and updated vaporizers in the market. They have also comparisons between vaporizers like davinci iq vs crafty vape. There comparisons article is so comprehensive, that will help you in buying and choosing your first vape or your next one if you already have one.

Vaping for me is heaven sent. It help me get away from smoking and I am always thankful to that.