This is My Acne Story

Acne has always been a nuisance. I started getting acne when I was 13, it was weird at first, then on the following days it is horrific.  It started with just one popping out of my cheeks.  Then another came out, then another, and next thing you know, there are hordes of pimples on my face. It was really depressing.  I was so affected by my acne that I can’t have eye contact with the person I am talking to, especially those that I am not accustomed to talking to.

I ask my mother about my acne and she told me that she has acne too when she was my age. She further explained that my acne is normal. She said also that almost all experience acne and only a few people do not experience it. With that word I was somewhat assured that I am not the only one experiencing this condition.

I also research using the internet the do’s and dont’s if you have acne. I read that acne is caused by hormones and there some factors that also affect it like diet and hygiene. I should watch out what I eat because it said in the article that eating oily and unhealthy food may lead to the worsening of my acne, according to the post published.

With this information at hand I made a change on my lifestyle and I was surprised my acne also slowly healed. I will continue doing this until I have an acne free skin.