I Need Grief Counseling

My grandmother was the greatest person I am thankful to and the greatest person in the world for me. I was abandoned by my parents when I was a kid and I was brought up by my grandmother since my parents left me. She was there through my thick and thin. She was literally my mother and father at the same time. My grandmother was everything to me.

Yes, I understand that due to her age sickness is just quick. She was in out of the hospital because of her asthma and it was been the routine for 5 years. But on that certain year it was different. Her sickness was frequent, and the intervals is short. That year I know something is wrong, but I strongly believe she could surpass it. But sadly, it was the end, my grandmother died without even saying goodbye to her.

While she was on the hospital sleeping, she died. It was a big blow to me. I felt everything crumbled. That feeling that you don’t know what to do, or what will happen tomorrow.

Days, months and years past even, I cannot surpass my grief. I still think of her every night and think of the possibilities if she is still around. She might have seen my children grow. I really need help, its like I need to move on, but I can’t.

I know what I am going through is grief and I know here is a counseling for it. While I was browsing the internet, I was taken to a site of a counseling office in Tulsa, Oklahoma and silly me I was also taken to a mommy makeover site www.mommymakeovertulsa.net.

Even if I was lost there a bit, I was able to set an appointment on the homepage of the counselor Michael. When we first met, he was so helpful with helping me gone through my depression. He gave me exercises that will help me forget my grief and channel it to a more positive, worthwhile things. I am so thankful I submitted myself to the counseling.

Graphics Cards: How They Affect Your Computer

If you are looking or planning to buy a GPU for your computer, then there are three things that you need to consider in picking or buying one. These are speed, performance and card type. A graphic card, sometimes called as video card, it is the device that control the display to the monitor.

When it comes to performance adding a high-speed GPU to your computer will improve greatly the way your computer runs application. This is because you are replacing your onboard graphics processor that came with your motherboard with a high-performance external GPU.

When it comes to graphic cards there are only two companies that stand out, AMD and Nvidia. These two companies are the flagship when it comes to making GPU, the brain center behind the card.

Performance will greatly improve automatically when you have a separate external GPU, because all the processing related to graphics will be processed by your GPU. This will free your computer processor to take other tasks, thus making your computer faster as G.C.A. pointed out in their article about the rx 580 vs the gtx 970.

Before you buy a graphics card, you will need to find what interface your motherboard has. Today most of the graphics card are connected vid PCI slot. If you want to more about graphic cards comparisons and you can visit the site above.

Drivers are also important. You need to have the correct and most updated drivers installed in your computer in order to have the best performance graphics wise.

Now that you know how graphics card can give you more speed and improve performance and what type of card is best for your computer. There is no reason that you can now choose the best graphics card for your computer. You can now also research for specific feature you want for your system. Extra features are added things that brings out the best performance for your system.

Vaping Helped me Quit Smoking

Smoking has been my addiction for 30 years; I can smoke a pack a day. I was engulfed by my addiction that I can say that I love cigarettes. Seriously I love them. While everyone else it is trying their best to quit smoking. For me it’s an unstoppable routine, I smoke everywhere. From my home, in my office and even outside and public places even if it is illegal. My addiction to smoking is I could say severe and it is deeply rooted.

My smoking affected my health negatively, my sense of taste went bland and my sense of smell went bland also. I get tired easily even from just walking in few distance. That is when I decide to try to cut my cigarette smoking. And also, I need to find an alternative to my smoking of cigarettes.

One day I tried a puff of my father in laws vape pen he was using while I was attempting to give up cigarettes. First taste and I instantly like it. That was it for me, from then on, I bought my own vape. It was a crafty vape. It was so good, and crafty and I were inseparable.

I found myself reaching out to my vape ever before. I also found a couple of good flavors that compliment my likes (coffee flavor). To enrich myself with more information about vaping and vaporizers, I found a site online www.vaporizerfriend.com. This site is so helpful, the site has reviews on the latest and updated vaporizers in the market. They have also comparisons between vaporizers like davinci iq vs crafty vape. There comparisons article is so comprehensive, that will help you in buying and choosing your first vape or your next one if you already have one.

Vaping for me is heaven sent. It help me get away from smoking and I am always thankful to that.

This is My Acne Story

Acne has always been a nuisance. I started getting acne when I was 13, it was weird at first, then on the following days it is horrific.  It started with just one popping out of my cheeks.  Then another came out, then another, and next thing you know, there are hordes of pimples on my face. It was really depressing.  I was so affected by my acne that I can’t have eye contact with the person I am talking to, especially those that I am not accustomed to talking to.

I ask my mother about my acne and she told me that she has acne too when she was my age. She further explained that my acne is normal. She said also that almost all experience acne and only a few people do not experience it. With that word I was somewhat assured that I am not the only one experiencing this condition.

I also research using the internet the do’s and dont’s if you have acne. I read that acne is caused by hormones and there some factors that also affect it like diet and hygiene. I should watch out what I eat because it said in the article that eating oily and unhealthy food may lead to the worsening of my acne, according to the post published.

With this information at hand I made a change on my lifestyle and I was surprised my acne also slowly healed. I will continue doing this until I have an acne free skin.